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To make using your bathroom easier, we supply a varied range of items for heavier users. Plus size bathing aids like shower stools and seats enable you to get in and out of the bath easier and sit down whilst showering. Our mobile shower commodes are also a great item to use to make your daily bathroom routine more comfortable. Assistance can also be provided using our plus size shower changing trolleys.

Disabled Toilet Seats And Heavy Duty Toilet Seats

Going to the toilet can be a problem for a lot of elderly and disabled individuals but fortunately there are plenty of toileting aids to help them overcome any issues. Toilet seats are generally quite low and it can be awkward for many disabled and elderly people to lower onto and rise from the toilet.

Disabled Toilet Seats

There are plenty of disabled toilet seats and heavy duty toilet seats which can reduce the distance from standing to sitting down on the toilet. These are often the difference between an individual needing help from someone and being able to sit and rise independently.

Disabled toilet seats and heavy duty toilet seats are some of the best selling toilet aids sold by NRS Healthcare as it is important for people to maintain their independence more so in this area than most others. Click here for more Bariatric products.