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What are bath support rails?

Bath support rails offer stable, handheld support by attaching to the side of, or close to, your bath, making it safer and easier for you to get in and out of the tub.

What are the benefits of having a bath support rail?

The firm handles of our bath support rails offer additional stability when stepping into and out of your bath; a surface which can be slippery underfoot, especially for those who are unsteady on their feet.

These easy to install rails are a simple and affordable way to add assistance in the bathroom to reduce the risk of falling.

What types of bath support rails do you offer?

We have two bath rail options that clamp onto the side of your bath, which are best suited for anyone who needs maximum support when lifting their legs into and out of the tub.

The Bathroom Safety Rail clamps securely onto the side of the bath and has a tall handle for extended support. The Swedish Bath Rail also clamps onto the side of your bath, but is mounted to the floor for extra grounding and stability. It also has a handle curved towards the bath so support is close at hand when you have finished bathing. We also offer a Security Pole which is tension mounted from the floor to the ceiling. The pole can be used in other rooms of your home and comes with a curved grab bar which offers support when sitting, standing, and transferring between the two.

What should I look out for when choosing bath support rails?

Size – it is vital to consider the width and height of the rails to ensure they will fit your bathroom at home. Make sure the clamps on the bath rails will fit securely over the side of your bath and keep in mind the floor and room space each product will require.

Style – your personal situation will always play a role here; make sure to choose a style that you are comfortable with and that gives you the maximum support.

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