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For those living with a severe disability or illness, it's likely they will rely on a professional carer to help with their daily bathroom routine. The right changing table or changing bench can make all the difference in helping someone to wash, dry and dress easily. When not in use, our range of changing tables and benches can be simply stored or, in some cases, folded away with minimum effort.

Bathroom Aids

Among the many bathroom aids sold by NRS Healthcare are shower and changing trolleys and benches. Some people with disabilities or serious injuries have to remain laid flat at all times whilst it can be uncomfortable for others to sit upright. This can make bathing a significant problem. Shower and changing trolleys and benches can make it possible for these people to maintain their personal hygiene despite their difficult position.

Wet Room

These bathroom aids are for use in a wet room so that the person who is being cared for can be pushed in on the trolley or bench. They can then continue to lie down whilst their carer showers them, dries them and clothes them once again.

Whilst being extremely beneficial to the individual, the bathroom aids are also very helpful to the carer. They limit the number of transfers which are required as well as the strenuous lifting for the carer too.