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Our range of children's bathroom aids enable you to assist younger people in showering with our versatile, supportive chairs. Our award-winning 3-in-1 Seahorse Sanichair for showering and toileting, as well as commodes, toilet platforms and supports, will make everyday routines easier and make learning about personal care a less daunting experience for children.

Toilet Aids For Elderly People

Toilet aids for elderly individuals are extremely important. It becomes increasingly difficult for a lot of older people to get on and off of the toilet and so toilet aids for elderly people become essential. The toilet aids vary from simple toilet seat raisers to free standing and floor fixed toilet frames.

Disabled Toilet Equipment

A toilet seat raiser is an excellent aid as it reduces the distance which a person has to travel when sitting down or getting up from the toilet. This reduces the stress placed on the person’s legs and makes the process of going to the toilet much more comfortable. Toilet frames offer a little more in the form of handles for the person to use to assist them with lowering and rising.

There are various toilet aids for elderly people available all of which are designed to make the process more comfortable and limit the amount of stress placed on the person’s arms and legs.

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