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What are long handled bathing aids and skincare?

From long handled bathing sponges to wash cream and wet wipes, we offer a wide range of bathing aids so you can maintain a comfortable and relaxing personal hygiene routine.

What are the benefits of long handled bathing aids and skincare?

The long handles of our bathing aids enable you to wash those hard to reach places and reduce the need to bend down whilst bathing.

Our easy to use skincare products provide you with a quick and efficient alternative to soap and water that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. They are perfect for travel and other situations where a washroom is not easily available.

What long handled bathing aids and skincare do you offer?

We have a selection of long handled bathing aids with unique applicators and handle lengths. The applicator heads include a brush, lotion applicator and sponges, which suit a number of requirements. We also offer a spa set with interchangeable heads, for anyone who requires a bathing aid that’s suitable for various uses, as well as long handled body washers that include a sponge to reach your feet.

Our skincare products vary from cleansing wipes to wash cream and moisturiser. We give you the choice of foam, cream or mousse cleansers, as well as dry and wet wipes, so you can pick whichever best suits you.

What should you look out for when choosing long handled bathing aids and skincare?

Length of handles – make sure to check the length of our long handled bathing aids to ensure they can get to the hard-to-reach areas.

Applicators – our long handled bathing aids all have differing brushes and applicators, each with their own use. If you require multiple applicators our sets with interchangeable heads may be suitable for you! Whilst most of our aids are appropriate for all purpose washing, we do have aids for washing specific areas of the body, including the long handled toe washer.

Skincare bottles – our skincare products are supplied in pump or squeeze bottles, so be sure to consider which would be best for you. For example, a pump bottle may be more suitable if you have weak grip and find squeezing difficult.

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