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Our versatile shower commode chairs make showering and toileting comfortable and efficient. Preventing the need for additional transfers between bathroom areas, these mobile chairs can also reduce carer strain and therefore limit the likelihood of falls or slips. In addition to being used as a commode, some shower chairs can be wheeled over toilets, making regular routines as simple and safe as possible.

Mobile Shower Chairs And Commode Chairs

Showering can be a difficult task for disabled individuals but it is obviously important for them to be able to maintain their personal hygiene. NRS Healthcare's mobile shower chairs and folding commodes make it possible for the person to do this and also to shower in complete comfort. Click here for more Bathing products.

Commode Chair

A commode chair or shower chair enables a disabled person to sit down in the shower and enjoy a constant flow of clean water. They also make it easier to get into and out of the shower. Whilst a standard commode chair or shower chair is designed for use just at home, NRS Healthcare also has various mobile shower chairs and folding commodes which can be taken on holiday or to a friend's house.

The commode chair or shower chair also makes it easier for the carer as they do not have to support the person as much. The individual can in most cases wash themselves independently before their carer or family member helps them out of the shower.