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Support in the shower is simple and effective with these lightweight but sturdy shower seats. Available in a range of designs, sizes and finishes, these portable seats enable you to sit down whilst showering so that you can avoid the risk of slipping. Pain and strain from standing are also reduced when you sit on one of these shower stools, making the whole experience much safer and more enjoyable. If you're looking for a bath seat, we offer these as well - designed to help you bathe without the stress of sitting down and getting out of the bathtub.

Shower Stools & Perching Stools

Shower stools and bathroom stools are very helpful products for older people who find it difficult to stand for a long time. Shower stools and perching stools are designed to be used in the shower whilst bathroom stools might be used in the bath but some are also used for perching when getting ready.

Perching Stools

A bathroom chair or bath stool is commonly recognised as a seat to use when bathing. Perching stools allow people to adopt an almost standing position; a perching stool can be used for a number of reasons. People can use a bathroom chair or bath stool to take the pressure off their legs. This allows them to relax whilst bathing instead of having to rush so that they can get out and sit down.

A bathroom stool however could also refer to a bathroom perching stool which is slightly angled so that the user can perch on it. This allows them to position the stool in front of a sink or mirror so that they can get ready in comfort. To order your shower stool or perching stool today, simply follow the instructions on site to place your order.