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Enjoy streamlined and easy to use support in the shower with a wall mounted folding shower seat. Secured on your shower wall, our range of seats fold down for you to sit on whilst you shower in total peace of mind, without the need to lift a stool into the cubicle. If standing is a strain, a wall mounted shower seat will eliminate the worry of taking a shower. Their space-saving design means your shower can be used easily by anyone when the seat is folded up.

Mounted Shower Seats

A shower seat is an extremely helpful bathroom aid for both disabled and older people who find it difficult or aren’t able to stand for a long time. A shower seat will make taking a shower much more comfortable whilst also increasing the person’s confidence and safety in the shower too.

High Weight Limit

There are different types of shower seats however wall mounted shower seats are one of the most popular. With only two legs, wall mounted shower seats take up a very small amount of space and so are suitable to a very wide range of showers. Click here for more Bathing products.

Despite only having two legs, wall mounted shower seats still offer excellent comfort as well as a high maximum weight limit. The seats also vary a lot, some having arms, some having backrests whilst others have neither. Which back seat is best will depend on preference and circumstances.