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What are toileting hygiene and comfort products?

Our toileting hygiene and comfort products range from disposable gloves to commode cushions. They are all designed to help you uphold a clean and comfortable bathroom routine.

What are the benefits of toileting hygiene and comfort products?

Our selection of toileting hygiene and comfort products offer an affordable and handy way to maintain your personal hygiene during the day to day activities.

Our sanitising products are small and compact, meaning they are ideal for use at home and on the go.

What toileting hygiene and comfort products do you offer?

From antibacterial to incontinence, we offer a range of wipes to keep yourself, and surfaces in your home, fresh and clean.

Our vinyl gloves keep your hands clean and dry to prevent infections when handling food or medical chemicals. We provide commode cushions that are designed to fit on top of your commode seat. They give added comfort to those who will be sitting for long periods of time and are easy to remove and clean.

Protection mats are suitable for many areas of your home. The waterproof bases of our mats are ideal for protecting carpeted floors from stains, and the non-slip base also makes them suitable for slippery bathroom floors.

We offer hand sanitisers and sanitising spray, so you can keep your hands, and surfaces in your home, germ-free.

What should I look out for when choosing a toileting hygiene or comfort product?

Style – our hand sanitisers are supplied with different dispensers; we offer pump and squeeze bottles that are supplied as a foam, gel or spray. Make sure to choose a style that suits you!

Size – when choosing toilet hygiene products, check the sizes and weights to ensure that you select a size that is appropriate you for and your home.

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