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What are bariatric and obesity aids?

Bariatric aids are disability and support aids that are specially designed for anyone with a higher user weight. These products ensure extra support is given to those who need it.

What are the benefits of bariatric and obesity aids?

From handheld to backrest support, our bariatric and obesity aids have a higher weight limit to give you improved comfort and ease when getting out of bed.

Bariatric aids reduce the risk of injury from straining and give you more independence and confidence if you experience difficulties with your bedtime routine.

What bariatric and obesity aids do you offer?

Mattress elevators – our mattress elevators are designed to lift you to a sitting position in bed. Supplied with a remote control, our elevators enable you to independently raise yourself with the push of a button.

Bed rails – bed rails are a great way to add handheld support close to your bed. They are ideal for anyone with a higher user weight, who need something they can hold on to when transferring in and out of bed.

Knee breaks – with the press of a button, knee breaks angle your mattress to create a raised resting place for your legs. They make your seated position more comfortable and prevent sliding down the bed. All of our knee breaks are designed to fit under your mattress and can be adjusted to different angles.

What should I look out for when choosing a bariatric or obesity aid?

Size and fitting – when choosing one our bariatric and obesity aids, you should check the size of each product and measure any of your own furniture that it may be used with it. This is vital to confirm that the products will fit securely in your own home.

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