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Our bed safety rails are convenient additions to your sleep routine. Use as supports for getting in to bed and to help you get comfortable. We have bed safety guards to provide total peace of mind by preventing accidental falls over the side and making bedtime/wake-ups safer experiences. Our fixed and adjustable bed safety rails suit all kinds of frames, mattresses and divans and can be used on one or both sides of the bed, depending on the individual requirement. We always advise you contact us for guidance before buying any full length bed safety rails.

Bed Rails And Disability Grab Rails

As people get older it can be increasingly difficult for them to get out of bed without any kind of support. The pushing off movement which requires the person to use their legs and arms to go from sitting to standing can become uncomfortable and even painful. This is where bed rails can be of great assistance. Holding onto a bed rail can provide the support needed to make standing up much more comfortable and simple.

Disability Grab Rail Aids

It allows the person to use a combination of their legs and arms to gradually rise from a bed. This reduces the speed of the movement and the harshness on their muscles and joints. Bed rails can also be used as support when getting into bed or when going from lying down to sitting upright.

Disability grab rails are also available to provide support for people who struggle with a certain movement. A simple disability grab rail can be a simple solution to help a person overcome a problem caused by their disability. View more Sleeping Aids here.