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What are beds and mattresses?

We know that getting a great night’s sleep is important for everyone. That’s why we offer a range of beds and mattresses that are specially designed for those living with a disability or an age-related health condition, who may need extra support from their bed.

What are the benefits of beds and mattresses?

Our beds and mattresses can be adjusted from a seated to a reclined position, so you can alter them to where you are most comfortable and reduce straining when sitting up and getting out of bed.

What beds and mattresses do you offer?

The two types of beds we offer are divan and profiling. Although both adjust the position of the mattress, the profiling beds we offer are specially designed for easy adjustment and movement and have rails to help prevent falls. We provide both double and single beds.

Profiling beds – featuring either a lowered height or stable side rails, profiling beds are designed to reduce the risk of falling out of bed. Profiling beds also have braking castors that enable easy movement and transfers between rooms.

Divan – divan beds are static, but include an adjustable frame to enable mattress tilting that follows the natural curve of the spine. Our selection of divans are stylish and modern with lots of designs, so you can find one to suit your home.

Bariatric mattresses – bariatric mattresses are designed for anyone with a higher user weight who may be at risk of developing pressure ulcers in bed.

What should I look out for when choosing a bed or mattress?

Size and weight – it is vital to check the size and weight of our beds and mattresses to ensure they will fit comfortably and securely in your home.

Style – our divan beds all have stylish, modern designs so you can choose the one you like or one that matches your home décor!

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