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Our useful range of limb supports and posture rolls will help you to rest and sleep more easily. Providing comfort and posture support when it's needed the most, our knee pillows, elbow and knee protectors and hand supports prevent further strain and injury. T-rolls and footboards are ideal for use when in bed to enable the optimum sleeping position to be maintained.

Hand & Arm Cushions

Hand and arm support cushions provide support for those who may have suffered injury or who experience limited function in one arm or even both. Although simple in design, hand and arm support cushions provide immeasurable support and comfort for those who need them. All NRS products are designed with guidance from our in-house occupational therapists, and arm cushions in particular were designed with the needs of those who may be affected in the aftermath of a stroke.


Arm Cushions to Aid Rehabilitation

Available in both hand support or whole arm options, hand and arm cushions are effective at aiding with rehabilitation by ensuring that the arm is positioned correctly. In addition, all arm cushions available from NRS are easy to clean and made from durable microbial fabric.