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With the aim of safely supporting the head and limbs, our pillows, raisers and wedges can be used in bed or in chairs and whilst travelling for complete comfort. Our extensive range of posture aids includes cut-out pillows for sleep apnoea masks, contoured pillows for neck, shoulder and head support and wedges and raisers to be used in bed for a restful night's sleep.

Posture Supports

It is important for everyone to maintain good posture regardless of their age. Poor posture can lead to permanent slouching and even serious back and neck pain. Posture doesn’t just involve standing up straight either, posture is important in many instances and there are various products available which can help people to maintain a good posture or correct a poor one.

Cushion Supports

Posture supports are an excellent way to maintain or improve posture. Lying on the floor without any support puts the spine in a curved position. This can lead to back spasms and pains. There are various posture supports available from NRS Healthcare which can remove the curve and eliminate any chance of back pain in future.

Other posture supports include bed and floor wedges. These again remove the curvature from the back which can lead to pain and poor posture. Good posture is important for avoiding pain and back problems but it also demonstrates confidence and is much more of an appealing feature than a slouched over back. View more Assessment Tools here.