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What are furniture raisers?

Furniture raisers are blocks that fit under the legs of your chair or bed. They are supplied in sets and raise the height of your chosen furniture so it is easier to access.

What are the benefits of furniture raisers?

Our furniture raisers offer a stable and secure way to increase the height of your bed or chair, therefore reducing the distance you need to bend down.

Furniture raisers are far more simple and affordable than buying new furniture and enable you to use your own furniture with comfort and ease.

What different furniture raisers do you offer?

We want to ensure that we have furniture raisers suitable for you, regardless of what type of chair or bed you own. That’s why we offer a wide selection of raisers in a variety of designs, shapes and materials. All of our furniture raisers fit securely under the legs of your chair or bed, providing a wide, stable base.

The differences between our furniture raisers is all down to style and height. The style of our raisers is diverse so we can offer you a set of raisers that are suitable for different flooring and furniture.

What should I look out for when choosing furniture raisers?

Size and style – every piece of furniture will have legs of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, when you’re choosing a set of furniture raisers, it is vital to check the design and size of your furniture at home, as well as the raisers, to ensure they are compatible.

Height – some of our raisers are available in multiple heights, so you can pick or stack (if applicable) the raisers to the most comfortable height for you.

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