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What are pressure relief care products?

Pressure relief aids are specially designed chairs, mattresses and cushions that distribute and relieve pressure when you are sitting or lying down. They are made from a range of materials, for differing requirements and pressure risks.

What are the benefits of pressure relief care?

Our pressure relief care products reduce the pressure created from sitting or lying down for extended periods of time.

Pressure cushions and mattresses are a simple way to add comfort to beds and chairs and prevent serious pressure sores.

What different pressure relief care aids do you offer?

Cushions – we offer a variety of cushions for chairs, commodes and wheelchairs. With our selection you can have seated pressure relief in every part of your daily life.

Joint and foot pads – we provide both elbow and knees pads that have comfortable padding to protect your joints from skin damage and pressure sores. Heel pads are designed to be used when you’re seated or in bed to protect your heels from pressure sores.

Mattresses – all of our mattresses help to reduce pressure ulcers and sores if you need to remain in bed for an extensive period. We also provide foam overlays and covers for our mattresses to make them as comfortable as possible. Chairs – our chairs have a cushioning system, not only on the seat and back, but on foot, arm and head rests. This creates full body pressure relief, to prevent pressure sores on all areas of the body. All of our chairs have wheels or braking castors and a tilting system, to enable comfortable transportation.

What should I consider when choosing a pressure relief care product?

Size – you will need to check the dimensions of our cushions and mattresses to ensure they will fit your bed or chair correctly.

Pressure risk – our products each have differing levels of pressure relief; some are suited for people at a high risk of developing pressure sores, whereas others are ideal if you are at low risk. Make sure you know your pressure risk status and choose accordingly.

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