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Comfortable feet make such a huge difference to overall wellbeing and that's why we supply a comprehensive range of pads, cushioned protectors and air filled products to support you properly. Delicate or sensitive limbs will appreciate the pads, boots and cushioned protectors for feet and wrists, whilst the inflatable support boots are great for post surgery care.

Foot & Heel Pressure Protectors

Foot protectors are specially designed to reduce pressure on a patient's foot and heel. Most pressure ulcers form on the heel due to pressure and friction on this area. Support on the heel can reduce the risk of pressure sores and ulcers, but only foot protectors can effectively prevent pressure sores from occurring on the heel.

Arthritic Gloves

Protecting the feet is important as ulcers and sores can increase recovery time and add needless pain and distress. Bed sores and pressure ulcers on the feet and heel can be extremely painful and may go undetected for some time. During this time, conditions may worsen and the ulcer or sore could become infected.

NRS have developed foot and leg protection equipment to improve pressure care management. Our range of foot pressure protectors will improve living conditions for those who have a very limited range of movement. Our range of heel and foot pressure protectors will help you, or the person you care for, reduce the risk of pressure ulcers and bed sores.

NRS Pressure Care Products