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What are pressure mattresses and overlays?

Pressure mattresses and overlays are aids that fit on your bed, to give a comfortable and pressure relieving surface for you to sleep on. They are designed for anyone who needs to spend long periods of time in bed.

What are the benefits of pressure mattresses and overlays?

Mattresses and overlays are an effective and simple way to prevent pressure discomfort in bed that can turn into serious bed sores and ulcers.

What different pressure mattresses and overlays do you offer?

Mattresses – all of our pressure mattresses offer varying pressure distributions, to suit a range of risk levels. Our most common mattresses can simply be placed on your bed and have a waterproof cover to protect the mattress from stains. We also offer specialised mattresses if you are at high or very high risk of developing pressure ulcers, that include a controlled remote to change the surface and position of your mattress.

Overlays – our selection of overlays fit on top of your mattress, providing comfort and pressure relief in bed. Our overlays all have different designs and are made from varying materials, with foam being the most popular. We also have overlays specially designed to give pressure relief from your chair.

What should I consider when choosing a pressure mattress or overlay?

Size – check the dimensions and description of the mattress or overlay to ensure that it is suitable for your own bed.

Pressure risk – you must consider your own pressure risk before choosing a pressure mattress or overlay. Some of our products are designed for one specific risk level.

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