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What are standing from chair aids?

Our standing from chair aids are specially designed to help you rise from, and sit down onto, chairs. We have seat raisers and lifting seats to increase the height of your chair, as well as handheld support aids.

What are the benefits of standing from chair aids?

Standing from chair aids lessen the distance you need to sit down. This reduces any discomfort and straining from bending your knees or legs.

What different standing from chair aids do you offer?

Seat raisers – we offer seat raisers that can sit on top of, or underneath, your existing chair cushion. These raisers increase your seat height to reduce the distance you need to bend down. We offer a white coverless cushion as well as a cushion with a black leatherette cover. Both are square in design.

Lifting seats – lifting seats work from either a spring motion or power lift. Their mechanisms enable easy rising by gently lifting you off your seat, or lowering you onto it.

Standing frame – standing frames fit in front of your chair so you can grip the handles whilst stood on the sturdy base of the frame, to pull yourself up.

What should I consider when choosing a standing from chair aid?

Size – it is important to check the size, particularly the width and depth, of the cushion to ensure it will fit your desired chair. The height is vital to make sure that the seat will be elevated enough for you to use it comfortably.

Storage – will you want to store the aid? Our lifting seats store compactly and are ideal for travelling or on the go.

Style – think about the chair you will be using for the aid. If you are looking to raise the height of your armchair, a seat raiser may be the best option for you. However, if you’re looking for something that is easily portable and fits different chairs, lifting seats are ideal.

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