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What are children’s eating and drinking aids?

Our selection of children’s eating and drinking aids, which includes, bowls, cups and cutlery, are designed to help make mealtimes a more relaxing and comfortable activity for your child.

What are the benefits of children’s eating and drinking aids?

All of our children’s eating and drinking aids are easy to use and offer an affordable way to reduce discomfort and mess when having a drink or meal.

With discreet and fun designs, our aids help you and your child to enjoy mealtimes. Your child can even choose the colour or pattern they prefer!

What different children’s eating and drinking aids do you offer?

Mugs and cups – we offer a wide range of beakers and cups to make drinking easier for your child. This includes feeder cups with spouted lids and easy-to-grip handles, as well as thermo mugs that keep drinks warmer or colder for longer. We also provide cut out cups that have a space for your nose, meaning your child doesn’t have to tilt their head back to drink, and a range of anti-spill beakers which are ideal if your child needs to drink when lying down or is prone to spilling.

Plates and bowls – we offer a range of bowls and plates with fun designs, that have soft grips on the side and on the base so they are stable and easy to hold when in use. The images are in the centre of the plates and bowls, so children can be encouraged to eat their dinner to see the picture.

Cutlery – our contoured cutlery sets include spoons, knives and forks that are all designed for easier grip. They have fun, coloured handles that are shaped for better control when eating.

Straws – our flexible and extendable straws are designed for children who have limited grip or difficulty with tilting their head back to drink. With a one-way system, our straws can hold liquid, making them ideal for children who have difficulty maintaining suction when using straws.

Bibs and protectors – we provide clothing protectors for you and your child. With a choice of disposable or reusable, our bibs and clothing protectors are ideal for your mealtime routine to protect clothes from stains and spillages.

What should I consider when choosing an eating or drinking aid for children?

We know that every child is different and may find a different part of their mealtime routine difficult. That’s why we offer such a wide range of products that can suit individual requirements. Consider what your child requires help with during mealtimes before you buy, including their grip, timing or spilling food and drink.

Style – don’t forget to pick a suitable style! With our range of designs and colours, your child can pick their favourite pattern.

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