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What are children’s plates and bowls?

Children’s plates and bowls are crockery that are designed in fun patterns and colours, with soft grip handles and base.

What are the benefits of children’s plates and bowls?

With multiple fun designs, our children’s plates and bowls can make mealtimes more enjoyable for your children.

Our plates and bowls have a lightweight, grip design, which makes them suitable for children with limited strength and mobility in their hands.

What different children’s plates and bowls do you offer?

Bowl – these bowls have soft gripping handles on either side, which can be removed if required. The soft grips are easy for children to hold onto and the grip on the base of the bowl keeps it stable when in use.

Keep warm bowl – keep warms bowls have handles on the side and grip on the bottom for stability and easy grasping.

Additionally, these bowls have a compartment that can be filled with hot or cold water to keep your food warm or cool for longer. It can be filled up by taking off the gripping handles on either side. These are ideal for children who eat their food slowly.

Plates – our plates feature fun designs that encourage your child to finish their dinner. The gripping handles on either side are easy to hold, and can be removed if needs be. The base grip stops the plate slipping when in use.

What should I consider when choosing a plate or bowl for children?

Design – consider the style of the plate or bowl. With our selection of designs your child can choose their favourite picture.

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