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What are cups, straws, beakers and mugs?

Our cups, straws, beakers and mugs are all specially designed drinking aids, for anyone who has difficulty gripping or using regular glasses and cups.

What are the benefits of cups, straws, beakers and mugs?

Our aids help reduce discomfort and give you more independence when drinking. They are an easy and affordable way to make mealtimes more comfortable for you or your family.

What different cups, straws, beakers and mugs do you offer?

We offer drinking products which are suitable if you have difficulty with: tilting your head back to drink, gripping regular cups, drinking hot or cold beverages quickly, or sipping from standard glasses. Additionally, we have anti-spill cups that are ideal for children or adults who are prone to spilling, or need to drink whilst lying down.

With handles – all the handled cups we offer have a larger handle design for easier grip. We offer one handled and even two-handled cups with different designs to suit your needs. We even have a stylish, two-handled teacup with saucer!

Spill safe – we offer spill safe products, which are ideal if you need to drink when reclined in bed or in your chair. No tilting required – our range of straws don’t require you to lean your head back to drink, and can attach to the side of your cup with our straw holders. Some cups are designed with a nose shape cut out, so you don’t need to tilt your head back when drinking.

What should I consider when choosing a cup, straw, beaker or mug?

It is important to identify which part of drinking you find most difficult to decide which drinking aids will help you the most.

Style – with our wide range of drinking aids you can choose a style most suitable for you. With some of our mugs and cups you can even choose your preferred colour.

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