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What are drink preparation aids?

Drink preparation aids include kettles, tippers and trays. They are all designed to help you make, pour and transfer hot drinks safely.

What are the benefits of drink preparation aids?

Drink preparation aids reduce the danger of spilling hot liquids for people with visual impairments or limited hand mobility, especially those who have reduced grip or tremors.

What different drink preparation aids do you offer?

Kettles – we offer a range of lightweight kettles. They are smaller than regular kettles so they are easier to carry and put less strain on your hands and wrists.

Tippers – we provide teapot and kettle tippers that only require you to tilt the kettle or teapot with the handle, once secured on the tipper. They are ideal if you have reduced strength in your hands.

Trays – we also offer a tray that enables you to carry up to four cups or mugs at one time. The tray features deep grooves for each mug so they don’t slip or slide and it can easily be held with two hands.

What should I consider when choosing a drink preparation aid?

Hot water can be hazardous, so it is important to seriously consider your own mobility when choosing an aid. Be sure to consider whether you will be able to comfortably carry or handle it before using properly.

How many people will you be making drinks for? Although our lightweight kettles are ideal if you are just making one or two drinks, if you are making drinks for more people you might consider one of our tippers or trays.

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