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What are non-slip mats and grips?

Non-slip mats and grips include mats, openers and rolls of non-slip material that add grip to smooth surfaces and hard-to-open bottles and jars.

What are the benefits of non-slip mats and grips?

Non-slip mats and grips are easy to set up and come in a variety of designs and sizes so you can choose which is best for you.

Non-slip mats are an affordable and quick way to reduce the chance of spillages during mealtimes and food or opening grips are ideal to reduce injury or strain when preparing meals.

What different non-slip mats and grips do you offer?

Reels – we offer a roll of non-slip matting that is supplied in blue, white or red and comes in a variety of sizes. You can cut off the desired shape and size you want to give a secure base to any item, such as a mug or plate.

Mats – our rectangular and circular mats are supplied in red or blue with the choice of two different sizes. They are ideal for securing a variety of items to smooth surfaces.

Openers – we have varying sizes of openers for use on a number of different jars and bottles. Food grip – the non-slip food grip fits over vegetables or other foods and features inside grips, so you can hold food securely whilst protecting your fingers.

What should I consider when choosing a non-slip mat or grip?

Style – with a range of sizes and colours available you can choose a style most appropriate for your home and the items you wish to use.

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