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What are dementia memory aids?

Dementia memory aids include a wide variety of products, from sensor alarms to pill organisers. They are all designed for people living with dementia, as well as their carers and family, to make home or living environments safer and to help with recollection.

What are the benefits of dementia memory aids?

Dementia memory aids offer a simple way to reduce the worry of falls, wandering and losing small, important items.

Our variety of alarms and reminders help to keep you up to date with time, medication and any appointments.

What different dementia memory aids do you offer?

Alarms – our range of alarms are our most extensive and popular dementia memory aids. We provide alarms for the home, including panic, sensor and door and window alarms. We also offer portable personal alarms that fit on your keys or in a watch design on your wrist. Alarms are an ideal way to remind you of tasks or events and alert carers if you need assistance.

Key safes – key safes are designed for installation near to your front door, and offer a safe, coded way for carers and visitors to access keys.

Monitors and sensor mats – we have a range of sensor mats for different areas of the home, including the bathroom and bedroom. They are used in conjunction with monitors to alert carers through an alarm when a fall or roaming behaviour is detected. Mats can sound alerts when pressure is applied to them, or taken off.

Medicine organisers – designed with different slots and days, pill organisers are ideal to help you remember which medicine you must take and at what time.

Watches, phones and clocks – we have a range of clocks and watches with large numbers to help you read the time more clearly. Some of these aids also include audio aid with alarms and announcements. We also offer easy to use phones with large numbers and spaces for photos, so you can easily contact your family or carers.

What should I consider when choosing a dementia memory aid?

There are many different types of dementia, and every person who has been diagnosed may be affected differently. Therefore, it is vital to consider your individual needs, or the requirements of someone you are caring for, to make sure you choose a product that is suitable and supportive.

Style – we offer an extensive range of dementia memory aids, with different designs and features, so you can choose a style which is most appropriate for you.

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