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What are games and craft aids?

Games and craft aids are all fun activities that you can enjoy on your own or with friends and family. They are especially designed for people living with a disability, to ensure you can have fun and enjoy yourself.

What are the benefits of games and craft aids?

Games and craft aids are fun, educational and can be stimulating for the senses. We have a wide range of games for all ages, so you can pick something you or your child enjoys.

What different games and craft aids do you offer?

Reminiscence activities – reminiscence aids include books and cards that contain pictures and questions to help with recollection of personal memories, historical events and famous people.

Recreational activities – we have recreational aids specially designed for people living with a disability. Our play Boccia set with a ramp is an ideal activity aid if you are in a wheelchair – plus, it can be played on your own or in teams!

Sensory stimulation – we have a broad range of sensory stimulation aids for sight, touch and sound. Activity packs include items with calming colours, shapes and textures. They are designed to be used with a Sensory Pod or Dark Den, which, together, help to create a relaxing environment. Sensory aids also include products such as Aroma Dough and an Undo-me Cube which are fun, yet relaxing ways for children to play.

Group games – group games include throwing discs and a game easel for fun interactions with friends and family.

What should I consider when choosing a game and craft aid?

Age and condition – although many of our products are ideal for different ages, we do have some age-specific aids. Dark Dens and Sensory Pods are designed for young children to help stimulate their senses as they grow. On the other hand, our reminiscence aids are suited for older people, especially those with dementia, who may benefit from answering questions or seeing historical pictures from their youth. Make sure to choose games suitable for your age and condition.

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