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What is sensory stimulation?

Sensory stimulation aids are fun activities and equipment that stimulate your senses with calming colours, sounds or textures.

What are the benefits of sensory stimulation aids?

All of our sensory stimulation aids create fun and relaxing activities so you can learn and play. They can be used by individuals, but are also a great way to encourage interaction within groups.

What different sensory stimulation aids do you offer?

Sensory houses and dens – we offer a pop-up sensory house that is ideal for use with coloured lights and projectors. It is intended to be filled with glow in the dark balls so children can experience their illuminations and colours. We also offer semi-permanent and pop up dark dens that provide a quiet and dark area for children to relax and stimulate their learning through individual senses.

Bags and kits – we offer Body Massage, Visual Effects, Optical Effects and Tactile kits. Each kit concentrates on one of your senses and features a selection of equipment. We also have accessory bags for use in a dark den that feature glowing and light up accessories, and a set of chew toys that improve motor skills in the mouth.

Tactile aids – we have several aids to encourage concentration on your touch. These include a colourful cube, which features fastenings for you to undo and redo. Aroma dough and UV sticks both encourage responses to touch, but the dough also has aromatic fragrances and the sticks light up when used under UV lights, so they are pleasing to other senses too. Vibrating pillows work when pressure is applied to them and are intended to soothe children who have difficulty with sitting for a long time.

Visual aids – the Space Projector casts moving, multi-coloured images from oils onto your desired wall or ceiling. The nature sound pyramid also features soft, relaxing colours that change continuously, but includes additional soothing sounds, such as chirping birds and flowing water.

What should I consider when choosing a sensory stimulation aid?

Sense – knowing which sense you want to focus on is the most important part of choosing a sensory stimulation aid.

Age – it is important to consider your own age, or the age of the person you are choosing a sensory aid for, to ensure you find a suitable product. Some of our aids, such as the undo me cube, are ideal for all ages. However, our dark dens are specifically designed for children and young adults.

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