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What is a gentle exercise aid?

Our gentle exercise products include a range of resistance and balance aids that tone and strengthen your muscles or help you ease back into exercise during physical rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of gentle exercise aids?

With different weights and resistances, our exercise aids are appropriate for a variety of mobility requirements. Gentle exercise aids are suitable for strengthening different parts of your body, including your wrists, ankles and abdominal muscles.

What different gentle exercise aids do you offer?

Resistance aids – resistance bands have differing strengths and sizes so they are suitable if you are regaining strength or simply need to tone up your muscles.

Hand exercisers – we offer hand balls and putty to improve strength in your wrists, hands and fingers. Both putty and hand balls are supplied in different colours that indicate their varying firmness.

Balance aids – balance aids include boards, cushions and balls that are designed to improve your balance and stability when standing or sitting.

Weights – weights are an ideal way to improve upper body strength, particularly in your arms. Dumbbells are supplied in different weights with adhering colours so you can choose a suitable weight for you.

What should I consider when choosing a gentle exercise aid?

Weight and resistance – when choosing the weight or resistance of a gentle exercise aid you should carefully consider and perhaps discuss your own ability and personal requirements. You want to make sure the weight or resistance is strong enough to aid you, but not too heavy that they could injure you. If you’re unsure which weight or resistance you should be using, you can call our free Product Advice Line on 0345 121 8111 and speak to one of our professional Occupational Therapists, who can advise which product is best for your needs.

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