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If you're looking for a hand exerciser, our array of therapeutic putty and resistance bands can help with all kinds of activities and are particularly beneficial for use after illness or injury to build strength without over exertion. Easy to use and portable, the colourful bands of varying resistance improve muscle tone in the upper and lower body through gentle mobility training. Our therapeutic putty is colour-coded according to density and can be used for strengthening weak grasps or for creating stronger than average grasps.

Hand Recovery Therapy

A lot of people experience some kind of problem with their hands at some point. This could be arthritis, reduced hand function or reduced strength due to age. There are however various ways to counteract these issues and hand therapy is one of the best. NRS Healthcare has a variety of hand therapy products which help to improve hand strength and function whilst also decreasing stress levels.

Hand Exercise Equipment

Therapeutic putty is one such product which can be used at any time and taken anywhere in the handy pot it is supplied in. Grasping the putty and squeezing is an excellent way to gradually increase grip and strength levels. The putty is one of the best hand therapy products available and is also a great way of releasing some stress.

Other hand therapy products include hand exercisers and Rehaband. Like other muscles and joints, if they aren’t looked after they will slowly lose their effectiveness. Simple exercises using these hand therapy products will allow people to maintain good grip levels and hand strength. View more Assessment Tools here.