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Our effective range of protectors for your bedroom and living room furniture means that you can get on with life. Waterproofed cushions and absorbent incontinence protection pads can be used during the day whilst you're going about your regular routine. Comfortable bed protectors ensure your pillows, duvets and mattresses remain clean and dry to ensure you benefit from a good night's sleep, every night.

Incontinence Bedding

Incontinence is a problem which a large number of people across the UK struggle with. People experience incontinence on different levels but regardless of the severity, it can be both embarrassing and difficult for the person to live with. To make living with incontinence that little bit easier, waterproof bedding is available.

Mattress Protector

Incontinence can mean a person has to change their bed every day or during the night. Waterproof bedding can however make the cleaning up process much quicker whilst also protecting the bedding and mattress beneath. Waterproof bedding is very affordable but can make a major difference to someone living with incontinence.

The waterproof bedding can also be a big help for family members who look after someone with incontinence. View more Sleeping Aids here.