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What are blue badge collection aids?

The blue badge collection includes a range of products from the blue badge company that all feature their stylish man’s best friend design. This features a warm blue background with images of different dog breeds.

What are the benefits of the blue badge collection?

Products in the blue badge collection are handy, yet stylish and can assist you in different areas of daily living.

What different blue badge collection aids do you offer?

Lap tray – we offer a lap tray with a flat, wipe clean surface and bean bag style base. It is ideal for enjoying dinner away from the table and has raised edges to prevent items falling off.

Wheat warmer – when heated in the microwave, the wheat bag can be placed upon affected areas of the body to reduce stiffness or aching. The lavender scent is ideal for soothing the mind and relieving stress.

Permit badge cover – the permit badge cover has a slot for the blue badge parking permit and features a cog timer clock. It fulfils all the Department of Transport rules so you can use this as your regular permit wallet.

Hot water bottle and cover – hot water bottles are ideal for alleviating aches and pains. This mini hot water bottle has a man’s best friend cover design that is made from machine washable, soft cotton material.

What should I consider when choosing a blue badge collection product?

Consider where you might need a little assistance in daily life to decide which of the blue badge collection aids could help you.

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