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What are clocks and watches?

Our clocks and watches are especially designed for anyone living with dementia or sensory impairments. They feature large displays, audio reminders or a vibrating alarm to remind you of the time.

What are the benefits of clocks and watches?

With clear displays and audio features, our clocks are ideal for reminding anyone who has difficulty remembering the date and time. The alarms on our clocks and watches are a perfect way to alert you about any regular activities or appointments you need to attend.

What different clocks and watches do you offer?

Talking watches – we have two styles of talking watches for both men and women. The large Digital Display Watch reads out the date and time and the Radio Controlled Analogue Watch can automatically adjust to local times and announce the time hourly. Both watches have optional alarms and easy to read faces to tell the time.

Talking clocks – we offer talking alarm clocks, including the cube and button clocks which tell you the time and date when you press the large button on top. The Talking Alarm Clock also features an analogue clock face, as well as a large button and alarm announcements.

Large display – from simple analogue wall clocks to digital display screens, we have a range of large display clocks to choose from. We also provide a Days of the Week clock, and a Night and Day Clock especially for anyone living with dementia.

Vibrating – vibrating alarm clocks are ideal if you have visual or auditory impairments. Our vibration alarm fits under your pillow and vibrates, as well as sounding an alert, so you can feel the alarm go off.

What should I consider when choosing a clock or watch?

Style – we offer both analogue and digital clocks that come in a variety of unique designs and shapes to suit people living with dementia, memory loss or a sensory impairment. Make sure you consider the style and choose a format that suits your own personal requirements or needs.

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