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What are home accessories?

Our home accessory products assist you with various tasks in your home, including carrying drinks and shutting windows.

What are the benefits of home accessories?

Home accessories help improve your independence in your home. With these accessories you can perform tasks that you might have difficulty completing by yourself.

What different home accessories do you offer?

Window pull – the window pull is supplied in two sizes, each with a long handle and a fold out grip. They reduce the need to stretch to reach high or difficult windows and make the windows safer to access.

Key turners – small keys can be quite fiddly, but attaching them to our key turners gives a larger and more comfortable surface to grip. You attach your keys to the turner and fold them into the handle when you do not need them. We offer a double key and tripe key turner design.

Folding step – steps are versatile products that can help you reach high cupboards or give you a lift up to furniture. This step folds flat with a sturdy handle, so it is ideal for travel.

Add on handle – we offer an attachable handle for the poles or long handles of tools, including sweeping brushes and mops. Add on handles reduce bending and make utensils more comfortable to use.

Mug tray – the mug tray has four slots to carry mugs or glasses. With high edges, the tray reduces the risk of spills and the outside has finger indents for easy grip.

What should I consider when choosing a home accessory?

Are there any household tasks that you find difficult? Consider where in the home you might require a little extra support so you can find a home accessory that is suitable for you.

Style and size – make sure you consider the different size and style options for our home accessories. For example, you can decide between a double or triple key design for the key turner and two different lengths for the window pull.

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