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What are home safety aids?

Home safety aids include products such as intercoms, key safes and alarms. They are designed to help you maintain a safe home environment and live independently.

What are the benefits of home safety aids?

Not only do our home safety aids make your home more secure, they also make it more comfortable for you.

Remote-controlled sockets make plug-in devices more accessible and with wall mounted and portable alarms, you can relax at home knowing you can call for help no matter where you are.

What different home safety aids do you offer?

Alarms – we offer personal alarms that can be fitted to a key chain or worn around your wrist. Personal alarms have a pull ring or push button which activates the loud alert and their small size means they are easy to carry with you. The wall mounted panic alarm has a bright design with a long cord so it is easy to see and access. When the cord is pulled an alarm and flashing light are activated. The cold alarm can be moved to any area of your home and sounds a recurring alert if the temperature drops to a low level.

Safes – key safes securely store your keys and can be unlocked using a combination code. They are a safer alternative to placing keys under a mat, and they enable family, friends and carers to enter a property more easily. Key safes can be attached to many walls and have a strong, weather proof exterior.

Remote controls – our remote controls have large buttons, making them ideal if you’re living with limited sight or digit control. They can be used to control one or two televisions and you can choose between multiple remotes, each with a different number of buttons.

Socket and electrical equipment – we have electrical devices that make sockets more accessible. These include a plug-in button, which you press to turn the socket on and off. We also offer remote controlled sockets so you don’t need to awkwardly bend or stretch in order to turn off switches.

Door bells and intercoms – we offer doorbell kits that include a push bell and receiver that can be placed in your home or worn on your clothing. Receivers vary to suit different needs, with flash, alarm or vibration receivers to choose from. We also offer a video phone doorbell, so you can see your visitor, and an intercom that connects to a supplied phone.

What should I consider when choosing a home safety aid?

Style and personal mobility – each of our home safety aids has different variations and styles to suit different mobility needs. Make sure you consider the differences between styles so you choose a safety aid that is right for you.

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