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It's essential that you feel safe in your home and so fitting alarms, key safes and door entry alerts are great ways to secure your house and help you to feel comfortable. Our key safes for the elderly help carers to safely enter your home without concern to you and without you needing to get over to your door to let them in. Wandering alarms, key safes and an assisted door entry system can make a huge difference to many different individuals and so our range is easy to use and simple to install.

Door Access Systems

One type of mobility aid which is very helpful is an outdoor, access mobility aid. This covers products such as grab rails, steps and key turners to help people get into their home easily and to reduce the risk of them falling. People are often carrying things when they get to their front door and a lot of people also have high front steps. A simple mobility access aid such as a grab rail can provide the support they need to make getting into their home much easier.

It is also important that these people stay safe when inside their home and they can do so with a door access system. A door access system could be a simple key safe, a digital doorbell phone or an intercom system, all of which allow the person inside to know exactly who they are letting into their home.

Door Entry System

A door access system like this also gives peace of mind to family members of the person so that they know they are not opening the door to strangers.