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Completing daily tasks can be much less of a chore with our selection of specially designed plug pullers and remote control sockets. Using plugs and sockets should be a safe and easy task, so we have created a range of simple equipment to assist with pulling plugs out of sockets and also raising them up to accessible heights. Remote control sockets are particular great for use in a wheelchair or when you need to avoid dangerous stretching.

Remote Control Sockets and Plug Handles

Some electrical plugs and sockets can be extremely awkward at the best of times but for those with back problems or reduced grip or hand function they are a problem most of the time. Bending down to try and pull out a sticky plug or bending every time a plug needs to be switched on or off can be difficult and painful.

Plug and Socket Solutions

However, NRS Healthcare has electrical plug and socket solutions to overcome these problems. Remote control sockets let the person switch their sockets on or off from the comfort of their seat. This also means that before going to bed, the remote control sockets can be switched off from a fully upright position instead of the individual having to bend down repeatedly.

Plug handles remove the need for the person to try and grip a small, awkward surface. They can simply place the palm of their hand underneath the plug handle before pulling their hand away comfortably and easily.