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For many individuals, our grabbers assist with a vast array of daily tasks. From opening curtains to picking up your post, a grabber can even help you to get dressed in the morning. With grippers at the end which you can control with the handle, grabbers can be used indoors and outside of your house for pushing, pulling or picking up all kinds of items.

Pick Up Reaching Aids

NRS Healthcare specialises in Aids for Daily Living and these can cover a wide variety of activities. Window openers are a perfect example of this. A lot of people can't reach their windows or have to stretch to do so. The window opener makes it easy for them to open and also close their window without over stretching which could lead to an injury.

Household Aids

Perching stools are another very helpful product which can be used all over the house. The perching stool lets the user sit down to reduce the stress on their legs. It can be used when washing up, brushing teeth, preparing food and carrying out many other daily tasks. Perching stools are extremely popular and even have a modular construction so that they can easily be taken apart and even taken on holiday.

Easy reachers like the ready reacher and combi reacher have a huge number of different uses and can be used both inside and outside. Commonly, people use easy reachers to pick up leaves or litter or to pick up keys and remote controls.

Also available are various cleaning aids which can help to avoid infections. Hand sanitiser gels and antibacterial wipes are quick and easy to use. Nearly all of NRS Healthcare's cleaning aids can also be used when out and about.