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If you know someone living with a visual impairment our low vision aids could really help them - even with basic daily tasks. Our collection of reading and writing aids can make writing a cheque or a letter, reading a book or even using a computer much more enjoyable. From chunky tubing and gel-filled solutions that make it easier to hold pens, to magnifiers which enlarge the writing of any printed document, these simple visually impaired aids go a long way to encourage independent living.

Visual Impairment Aids

Reading and writing are simple activities that everyone should be able to enjoy. However, when someone suffers from sensory loss, whether it's a visual impairment or difficulty holding a book or pen, these activities can become hard work and lack enjoyment. NRS reading and writing aids are designed to make it much easier for those suffering with sensory loss to enjoy reading and writing without struggling.

Write angles and non-slip mats help to keep the page in a comfortable position for the user, making writing much easier and more comfortable. We provide a range of writing implements for those that have trouble holding a pen or pencil effectively.

Low Vision Aid

For reading, we supply book holders that hold the page open, allowing the user to relax their hands and arms while reading. Desk lamps and light up magnifiers provide extra light for those with visual impairments.

Don't let sensory loss stop you from doing the things you enjoy ' take a look at our reading and writing aids from NRS and see how we can help you.

NRS Sensory Aids