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With our specialist writing aids, such as pen grips, you can correctly hold your pen or pencil and avoid pain if you suffer with weakness in your hand or wrist. We also supply a wide selection of reading aids, like book holders that sit on a table or stand on the floor, in addition to sloped writing boards to improve your posture whilst writing and help you to be comfortable during this activity.

Pen Grips For Disabled & Foam Pencil Grips For Arthritis

NRS healthcare offer a wide range of plastazote tubing pen grips and pencil grips for disabled people and sufferers of arthritis. Our range of pencil grips and foam pen grasps are designed to help elderly people, people with dexterity problems and arthritis sufferers write and draw. We understand that it is important to retain the ability to write and draw and that is why our range of pen grips and pencil grips have been introduced.

NRS not only offers the full range of plastazote tubing pen and pencil grips, we also offer a range of Abilgrip products, functional hand splints and ultralite finger yokes. All our products are specifically engineered to enable people to improve their day to day living. Pen and pencil grips may seem insignificant to many people, but a small piece of plastazote tubing can make the world of difference to an arthritis suffer, pen grips and pencil grips allow people to write and draw independently and that is priceless.

To order your NRS pen grips or pencil grips, simply click on the image of the product you like and follow the instructions on site.