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Our range of big button telephones and health alarms can help many people who live independently to have a safer and easier life at home or on the move. It's important to ensure you're comfortable and protected; so alert yourself to visitors, remind yourself of appointments and monitor personal activities with our extensive range of motion sensor alarms, telephones and health alarms.

Stand Alone Telecare Products

Telecare products work by reacting to circumstances (such as someone getting out of bed) by raising an alarm, allowing carers or family to respond as quickly as possible. Stand alone telecare products are made for use in the home, allowing the individual to remain independent but reassuring that help will be available if the alarm is raised.

Stand Alone Telecare Products from NRS

NRS are one of the only companies in the UK to supply stand alone telecare products and we are determined to continue providing the highest quality products and equipment possible. Our range of stand alone telecare products are ideal for those who are capable of living alone but are prone to accident or injury around the home, from falling or leaving bed at night, for example.

Stand Alone Telecare for the Home

We supply a range of alarms and monitors for various uses; many are voice operated and can be activated by speech if the person has suffered an accident or injury. Sensory mats and pads can be used to alert carers that the person has left their bed or chair and is wandering; monitors for convulsions or fits are also available for those that suffer from epilepsy.

Achieve Peace of Mind with Stand Alone Telecare Products

Personal healthcare monitors are also available, allowing people to monitor their blood pressure and take action if it's too high or low, and emergency pagers allow people to contact family members or carers if there is an emergency.

We Stock a Huge Selection of Stand Alone Telecare Products

Feel free to have a browse through our selection of products to see what suits you. If you have any questions or queries about any of our products, or would like any more information, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our sales team.