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Our range of dementia memory aids include prompts, reminders and monitors that can help you with many every-day tasks. Remind yourself of appointments with useful 'talking' watches and even access information on many different foods by using our ingenious pen to record and play-back instructions or nutrition information. Assist, support and reassure yourself with portable memory aids, such as the innovative memory aid pendant that allows you to record and listen to hours of prompts and alerts like appointment or birthday reminders.

Memory Aids & Prompts

Memory loss can be linked to a lot of things. Many people become forgetful as they get older, others could have much more serious conditions, but help is at hand. NRS has a fantastic range of memory aids and memory prompts.

Many things can be linked to memory less or a poor memory, things such as depression, physical illness, poor concentration, dementia and of course old age. Sometimes all we need is a subtle hint to remind us of things we may have otherwise forgotten and memory aids and prompts are the perfect remedy.

Pill Reminder

The NRS memory aids & prompts category includes products such as calendar clocks and telephones, talking reminders and electronic medication reminders. Memory aids & prompts may be simple products, but they really can make a difference to somebody's independence and improve their quality of life.

NRS Assistive Equipment