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Keep communication channels open with our extensive range of easy to use phones. Every-day communication can be made much easier by using big button phones, simple speed-dials and even visual alert systems. Installing a cordless telephone makes it easy to hear your telephone ringing or make a quick emergency call and also saves you getting up and walking too far to pick up a call.

Disability Phones

Modern phones have become smaller and smaller as there is a demand for stylish looking, portable phones. This however isn't ideal for people with visual impairments who struggle to see the buttons or for disabled people who are unable to use the phone because the buttons are too small.

Phone For The Disabled

NRS Healthcare has various phones available which can make calling people and receiving calls much easier. Many of them are specifically designed phones for the disabled with larger buttons which are easier to see and easier to press. Some of the disability phones also have buttons which require a single press to call pre-selected people.

Some of the phones for the disabled have built in amplifiers which make it easier to hear the other person. There are many benefits in using disability phones over conventional telephones.