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Avoid straining, bending and lifting with these incredibly strong and easy to handle mobile hoists. With ergonomic handles for easy moving from room to room, to safety features like double security buttons, these mobility hoists are effective and strong but can be easily dismantled when they're not being used so you don't need to worry about storing them fully assembled.

Daily Living Aids - Hoists

Hoists are a very important area of NRS Healthcare’s disabled living aids range. For some people it is impossible to get into and out of the bath or their bed by themselves and lifting them is too difficult for their family members or carer. In this instance there is no other alternative than to use a hoist.

Hoists are one of the most important daily living aids as they allow people to move around more by allowing them to get out of their bed. They also help them to maintain their personal hygiene as certain hoists are used for lowering a person into the bath and lifting them out once again.

Bathroom Hoists

The hoists in our daily living aids range are designed to make the experience extremely comfortable for the person being hoisted and also to make it easy for their carer or family member to use the hoist.

NRS Moving Aids