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For the ultimate in safe handling and transferring, we have a range of suitable equipment that can help carers in their jobs. Moving patients safely is paramount for everyone involved which is why we only offer trusted and reliable transfer aids. Our transfer boards can bridge gaps between transfer surfaces and therefore make the process much safer and more comfortable for the patient. We also have a number of standing transfer aids and sit-to-stand aids to assist in moving and positioning patients in a variety of situations.

Transfer Aids

Transfer aids are extremely important and helpful to people with mobility issues, disabled people and also their carers. Transfer aids significantly reduce the amount of physical effort required by the carer during transfers whilst also making those transfers far more comfortable for the person being moved.

The transfer aids are designed to be strong, durable but also very comfortable for the person being moved. They are very efficient and made of materials which make the transfer as quick and as effortless as is possible.

Slide Sheets

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Transfer aids span from slide sheets to transfer boards to glide sheets. They slide very easily and do not cause any irritation or friction for the person being transferred.