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Use our regular and padded slings when it's possible and necessary to give a supportive and comfortable lift. We have a huge range of transfer slings to suit many different situations and patients. Whilst our general purpose slings can be useful for a variety of transferring requirements, we also supply hammock style slings and slings with toileting access for the total comfort and safety of individual patients.

Disability Aids

There are various slings which are available as part of NRS Healthcare’s disability aids range. The slings are used alongside hoist disability aids to make it comfortable for a person when they are lifted. The sling is a very important disability aid and they are strong, durable and designed to offer excellent comfort.

Hoist and sling combinations are vital to some people as it enables them to leave their bed, have a bath and move to and from a wheelchair when they might not be able to without them. These mobility aids also make it much easier for carers and family members as it removes the need for them to lift the person using their body strength.

Toileting Sling

Slings are a very popular mobility aid and are available in various sizes to suit a wide range of people.

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