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When it's not safe to climb or descend stairs, our stair climber is a convenient and controlled way of helping patients use stairs. They are especially useful when lift access is not available. Our emergency evacuation range also covers lightweight evacuation chairs, sheets and sledges, in addition to lifting cushions, which can help with getting people off the floor to a seated position safely.

Emergency Evacuation And Lifting Disability Equipment

There is a wide range of disability equipment available across the NRS Healthcare website. A lot of the disability equipment is obvious but very helpful such as grab rails or steps. There are however very important items which people overlook, assuming that they will never need them or simply not realising that they might need them.

Lifting Aids for Disabled

This section of disability equipment is emergency evacuation, lifting and Moving Aids. There might come a time when someone needs to be lifted to safety or evacuated quickly and this can be very difficult if the correct disability equipment isn’t available. Evacuation sledges, sheets and overlays can all make evacuating a disabled person much easier and they can also be stored away until they are needed.