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Our standing aids make sure you stay steady on your feet, for complete safety and security. Gently assisting many individuals to stand, this powerful and supportive equipment is compact and manoeuvrable and electrically operated so no bending or straining is necessary. Knee pads and handles for safe and stable transfers are key features of these invaluable stand aids.

Mobility Products

Of the many mobility products available, transfer and standing aids are some of the most important. These mobility products help both the carer and the person who has difficulty standing and turning. The turn safe disc is an excellent example which helps a person to stand up before their carer turns them comfortably and easily.

Transfer Aids for Disabled

These mobility products significantly reduce the risk of injury to people when turning, standing or sitting whilst also reducing the stress put on their own and their carer’s bodies. They are also vital in enabling people to carry on doing certain things such as going out in a car, getting around their own home, going to see friends and many more.

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