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Our collection of useful turning aids reduces patient and carer strain by gently and smoothly turning patients around so that they can get from one chair to another easily or sit down without the need to move their feet and legs. They are valuable handling tools and larger pieces come with handles to provide additional support on the transfer turntable.

Mobility Equipment

There is a lot of mobility equipment available to help people who have mobility issues. Without mobility equipment, mobility issues can prevent people from doing simple things such as moving around their house, going out in a car or going to see their friends.

The mobility equipment sold by NRS Healthcare has been designed to target specific problems and help people with limited mobility to overcome those problems. Transfer turntables and swivel seats are a good example of this as they significantly reduce the stress which is placed on the person’s body. Most of them are also portable and can be used in a variety of different instances.

Disabled Aids

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