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Our fantastic selection of walking frames and outdoor walking aids make it much easier to get around. With combination chair and Rollator products as well as excellent solutions for walking and carrying shopping, our range is comprehensive and designed to meet a variety of individual requirements. With easy grip handles raised to the correct height for you so that you have the optimum support, life with these outdoor and indoor walking aids is so much more enjoyable.

Walking Frames

NRS Healthcare has a number of walking frames available to assist people who need support when walking. There are walking frames for the elderly however many of these can also be used by disabled individuals too.

Walking frames for the elderly are primarily used in the house. Individuals who need support when out and about should consider a rollator. Walking frames act as a mobility aid and are sturdy, lightweight and durable and most can be adjusted to the height which is most comfortable and offers the best support for the user.

Walking Aids for Disabled

Walking frames for the elderly are extremely helpful and can help an older person maintain their independence and also give them the confidence to get up and about instead of staying in bed or a chair.

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