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Fitted to you precisely, walking sticks and crutches are a great addition to your accessibility equipment. Our collection has everything you need to walk more easily and safely, from mobility crutches to help walking whilst one foot or leg is out of action, to sticks that provide more specific assistance with elbow support. Our range also includes comfort pads and ferrules so that you can move in the most comfortable way possible.

Adjustable Walking Sticks

Adjustable walking sticks and folding walking sticks are very popular products with people who need a small amount of extra support when standing or walking. They are affordable, simple and lightweight and can also be used both inside and outside of the house.

A lot of older people become tired easily when walking or experience aching legs when standing. A foldable walking stick or adjustable walking stick can help them to avoid these issues so that they can comfortably enjoy going out.

Adjustable walking sticks allow the user to alter the height so that they can set it at a position which is most comfortable for them. Folding walking sticks can be carried in a bag or hand and only used when the person really needs them. This allows them to avoid becoming dependent on the walking stick but to have the support there if they need it.

Folding Walking Sticks

People often overlook walking sticks and canes and instead try to struggle without. Using walking sticks, canes and other mobility aids can enable these people to do a lot more and also prevent them from sustaining serious injuries from putting too much stress on their body. Walking sticks and canes are also an excellent way to avoid falls which can also lead to injury.

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